Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum n hello readers >.<

just now im crying and why one of my lover say 'SIAL' to
me . bad yeah ! very hurt to me . ouh i cant accept it .
ouh please . i love u damn much . why u say like that to me .
u make me sad n dissapointed okeyh . u make me feel like fainting .
okeyh tak tahan hidop macam nih . u said bad thing to me ?
y ? i really really cant accept this . 
argh ! enough i am sick of this ! im tired heard that bad things
from ur mouth . u are older than me n u can said like that
to me ? how come . if i rude to u , u might angry with me 
but see ? whose start first ? dah lah aku down siak mcm nih .
siap ungkit pasal result segala bagai ? ape nih ????
!@!#$%^&* ? aku rase aku bodoh siak mcm nih .
da ar malas siak nak cakap banyak pikir ar 
sendiri aku ade hati ngan perasaan ar .
kenape hati ngan perasaan aku tak pernah ade orang jaga ?
kenape ? and untill now i havent found a good
listener . bad ! and i will prove who am i ?

p/s--> i will prove it . 
please understand me n i will understand u
Bye Bye:)

Thx For Reading ^^